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Body between art and science
The body, in his Physicality and Psyche

My interest is focused to wonder about the body Statement in different phases of a creation, and to accept and to question it. What is happening in oneself before the movement is thought to the point where it is managed. What is happening , in the moment before it is created, before the thought transforms into an expression through the body. In which condition is the body situated when it presents itself on stage. Expressing specific movements on stage - what's happening in the body of the performer? How does our body consciousness and knowledge put us in different states during a creative event and to what extent is this possible? How far do we travel in this process of communication with our body and can we share and show this moment?

The body is a medium of memory, inscription, storage and transformation of cultural signs, which in turn constitute and ascribe to the body gender-specific and identifying characteristics. The body finds itself in a constant process of allusion, appropriation or rejection of cultural norms and default patterns of identity, influenced by artistic processes as well as artistic acts of representation.

The series of presentations called „Body Territories" thematizes this field of inquiry into the traces of memory, bodily memory and the culture of movement. In a series of workshops and lectures, internationally-known choreographers and researchers will investigate the Status of the body in various phases of artistic creation: What are the steps that lead from thinking about moving the body to actual movement? What happens in the precise moment before movement arises in the body, before the body transforms thought into expression? In what state does the body understand itself to be, when it maintains stage presence? What happens within the body when, under performance conditions, it expresses specific movements on stage? Does the audience influence the performing body, as in its own way it perceives the body's transformation of thought to speech? During artistic creation, how far does bodily consciousness and the body's knowledge of its different states go? Does the body itself influence its condition? How well can we communicate through our bodies and in what quality are we informed about ourselves? Prior to these questions Stands the basic assumption that movement does not signify abstract thinking, but rather, that movement represents a „thought transformation" which is realizes at the most varied levels - emotional as much as intellectual or (inter-)cultural.

Corning from this thoughts, l would like to open the laboratories and lectures in 2007. The desire is to openly promote an intercultural, interdisciplinary, international exchange.

Lab XIV: What can we do TOGETHER that we cannot do alone?
(PDF), 19. - 21. Sept. 2014

Lab XIII: Awaking ghosts (PDF), 9. - 11. Nov 2012

Lab XII: We aren't you and I, but that which is b-e-t-w-e-e-n you and I
(PDF), 7. - 9. Sept 2012
Gäste: Beatriz Fernandez

Lab XI: Unfolding Sensitivities (PDF), 3.-5. Feb 2012
Gäste: Juan Dominguez (E)

Lab X: Urban Body (PDF), 6. - 7. April 2010
Guests: Pau Faus (Architect / artist, Barcelona)

Lab IX: Emotional Body 2 (PDF), 15. - 17. Oktober 2010
Guests: Lab - Lilia Mestre (B), Lecture - Stefanie Fleckenstein (D)

Lab VIII: Erinnerungen und Wahrnehmung (PDF)
Guests: Martin Nachbar, Susanne Traub

Lab VII: Die Authentizität des performativen Körpers (PDF)
Guests: Lab - Carmelo Salazar (E), Lecture - Dr. Katja Schneider (D).

Lab VI: Emotional Body München (PDF), April 2009
Guests: Lilia Mestre und Elke Van Campenhout.

Lab V: Künstlerische Freiheit und dass Kreieren von Realitäten in Kommunikativen Austausch auf der Bühne (PDF)
Guests: Thomas Lehmen und Una Bauer

Lab IV: Architektonische Körper (PDF), 2008
Guests: Carmelo Salazar und Monica Supé

Lab III: Eluding Body (PDF)
Guests: DD Dorvillier.und Pirkko Husseman

Lab II: Thinking Bodies
Guests: Miguel Pereira

Lab I: Mythic Body
Guests: Nathalie Le Core und Philippe Asselin